Restaurant Insurance

A restaurant isn’t an easy business to own, and for Mountclef Village, CA restaurant owners it’s important that you not only take the steps to make money, to protect yourself from potential losses as well.

Restaurant insurance is designed to protect you from the many challenges and risks that owning a Mountclef Village, CA restaurant can create. While you’re worrying about everything from the menu to the schedules to the various complaints a customer may have, you can count on your restaurant insurance policy to give you protection and peace of mind.

Liability Restaurant Insurance Basics

In order to make sure you have a restaurant insurance policy that fully protects you, it’s important that you invest in a policy that includes all the coverage you might need. There are several different components of restaurant insurance that you’ll need to pay attention to.

General Liability

This is the foundation of a restaurant insurance policy. It will protect you from various claims like personal injury or property damage and can provide compensation if you’re found negligent or responsible for damages that someone suffers while on your property.

Every good restaurant insurance policy will start with this as the basis and then apply addition coverages as needed by the client.

Workers Compensation

This is a type of coverage that provides protection in the event that an employee is injured. It’s required for any business including restaurants, and should be structured into the restaurant insurance policy.

Property Damage

This provides coverage for any damages that your building, inventory, or equipment may suffer. This may provide total replacement costs so that a Mountclef Village, CA restaurant can repair or replace them without spending money out of pocket. This is an important part of restaurant insurance for those looking to fully protect their business.

Loss of Income Insurance

Loss of income coverage is part of a good restaurant insurance policy. It covers the loss of income that you may suffer if you can’t open your restaurant. Whether it’s because of an insurance claim, a catastrophic event, or something else, if you can’t open your business it means that you won’t be making any money from it. Loss of income coverage compensates you for that loss of income.

Crime And Vandalism

Nobody wants to think about it, but crime and vandalism are very real problems that a restaurant owner in Mountclef Village, CA may face. This aspect of your coverage will protect you and provide compensation in the event you’re left having to come up with funds to repair the losses or damages.

Getting Your Quote

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